My research is broadly in the area of Operations Management with a focus on Innovation Management and Sustainable Operations. Within these topics, I am interested in studying the relationship between operational design and strategic interaction on overall system-level and individual firm-level performance.

Innovation Management has been studied extensively in Economics and Management. In contrast to these fields, I use a process lens to model innovation dynamics, which is typical of the Operations Management field. This allows me to study the nuanced interaction of contextual operational specificities and agency issues such as moral hazard and adverse selection. This stream of research is represented in my papers [1] – [7], summarized in Table 1 below. This is also the focus of my PhD thesis, which received the ISPIM-Wiley Best PhD Dissertation in Innovation Management Award in 2013.

My other (and more recent) area of interest, Sustainable Operations, is an emerging field within the Operations Management community. Building on my research in Innovation Management, my work in Sustainable Operations studies the impact of multi-party interactions and supply chain design on sustainability. This stream of research is represented in my papers [8], [9], and [10].

My predominant research approach is to develop analytical models for research questions that are either normative or descriptive in nature. I am also interested in answering questions aimed at validating or rejecting a theoretical construct, for which I appropriately use empirical (including experimental) methodologies. The use of empirical methods, in turn, helps to refine analytical models. This echoes a cycle of theoretical prediction using analytical models, followed by empirical validation and analytical model refinement observed across papers in Operations Management.

For an up-to-date list of my papers, please see my CV.

Innovation Management Sustainable Operations
Analytical Models [1] Licensing contracts for university spinoffs

[2] Control rights, options and timing in R&D licensing

[4] Negotiation rights in R&D partnerships

[6] Dispute resolution in R&D collaborations

[8] Capacity allocation for a green farm

[9] Green sourcing

Empirical/Experimental Analysis [3] Operations in NPD alliances

[5] Incentives for competing R&D managers

[7] Bargaining power and alliances in R&D

[10] Labor malpractice in supply chains

Summary of Key Research Papers and Areas